Dear Jeffrey,
  I cannot thank you enough for helping to rehabilitate my new tripawd, Doc. By nature, Doc (a border collie) is has an outgoing personally and lives for one thing. Herding sheep and ducks. This was foremost in my mind when discussing cancer treatment options with the vet, as Doc's ability to work stock was integral to his quality of life.
  From the moment the decision to amputate Doc's back leg was made, I knew it would be best for both of us to consult with a rehabilitation specialist. You came highly recommended from vets, trainers, friends, and pet store owners.
  Your services came as advertised. Although I enjoyed watching Doc in pool therapy, what I most appreciated was the worksheet you sent home listing the exercises that best suited the needs of his injury. I had expected and received on site therapy, but learning that there were specific/simple activities we could work on in our back yard brought additional value and hope from what you offered.
  You are a hands on, knowledgeable, professional and personable. I would recommend you to anyone I know.
Thank you again!
Maria Wright
P.S. I attached a few pictures and a video. You will want to mute the sound as I was loudly encouraging my dog to be a goofball. :)

February 2012

  I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have done for Buster and myself. When I brought my baby Buster (5 year old Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier) to you he had a ruptured disk, and swollen spinal cord. He was unable to walk or do anything on his own.The vet had advised he really didn't know if Buster would recover. I was completely distraught and both you and Karen were the calm points in the storm I really needed. You and Karen were so patient and helpful in educating me about Buster's current condition and what to expect moving forward. You also provided me with emotional support so I could better assist Buster in his recovery process. You both continued to help support Buster and myself throughout the process as things improved. After only one or two sessions with you I was amazed at how much he improved, he was like a new dog. Since we have continued to work with you, I am happy to say Buster is able to function independently. I would like to tell anyone that is unsure or doesn't believe in canine physical therapy they need to take another look because it does work! We will be eternally grateful.

With much love and thanks

Buster and Michelle

(Bilateral Femoral Head Ostectomy due to Severe Bilateral Hip Dysplasia)

  Geordi is our beloved first dog. He is the sweetest, most enthusiastic and cheerful goldendoodle ever, never complaining and always eager to play. Even in the earliest photo we have of him from the breeder at 5 weeks old, Geordi is smiling. We first noticed just after he was 1 year old (so young) that he was slow to rise from the floor and was “bunny hopping” stiffly with his hind legs. He squealed with pain if he tried to roll over. Our vet in Scottsdale performed an examination and x-rays, which showed what she called “one of the most severe cases” of hip dysplasia that she had ever seen. One of his hips was nearly dislocated from the hip dysplasia, and the other was grinding into the joint socket. We were heartbroken and panicked for our puppy, and were able to quickly receive surgical consultation with Arizona Veterinary Specialists (AVS). Geordi was not eligible for hip implants, as he was too small for the larger implants and too big for the smaller implants. He received a bilateral femoral head ostectomy. Through it all, Geordi’s spirit was still the happiest, friendliest doodle; he hopped into that surgery waiting area as if we were going to Disneyland. It was a slow recovery, and we noticed that he began to walk as if he had no hind legs (using only his front legs like an acrobat).
  Our surgeon referred us to Mr. Jeffrey Flocker, who has changed our lives forever. From the first visit, Mr. Flocker was dead-on accurate as to the plan of action. Not only did he understand and explain how our dog was physically compensating for his loss, he involved us and taught us so much about how to participate in the rehabilitation ourselves at home with small, fun exercises for Geordi. Geordi was sequentially evaluated, walked in the water treadmill, and then graduated to the heated swimming pool.
  Every minute of each session, Mr. Flocker was highly attentive, discerning, and compassionate towards our dog; the session was maximized to the minute with full attention on Geordi’s progress. Geordi was willing but scared during his first time in the big pool, and Mr. Flocker hugged him and kissed him on the nose and I think he understood that everything was going to be fine!
  We had approximately 4 months of therapy with Mr. Flocker, and words cannot express how grateful we are; Geordi is not only recovered, he is even stronger than ever! He jumps high, counter-surfs on his hind legs, dances, spins, zooms up the staircase and runs at the dog park just as fast as any other dog, and even leaps onto the couch and bed. Anyone who hadn’t met Geordi last year before would never in a million years guess what he has gone through.
  Mr. Flocker, we thought that our dog would never be able to walk normally or even run again. You saved our Geordi and restored hope to us in the full. He is the light of our lives and deserves to play and be happy. Every time we see our playful dog being his wonderful self, it is always connected to how thankful we are that you were able to work with him. Your therapy was a miracle, and we wish you many, many more years of success with Canine Physical Rehabilitation.

The Nelsons

February 2012

  Our 18-month-old Golden Retriever, Scout, underwent TPLO surgery late last year. We were concerned about the dictates of a “no running or jumping” regimen for 10 to 12 weeks on our very active adolescent male retriever.

  We turned to Jeffrey Flocker, and he was a Godsend. We learned of Jeffrey from testimonials on the internet by other retriever owners. Scout was approved for aqua therapy by our vet three weeks post-op, and we met with Jeffrey a week later and have continued weekly water therapy sessions thereafter.

  Our first meeting with Jeffrey lasted an hour. His knowledge and experience were manifest immediately. Jeffrey’s entire approach inspired our confidence – which was born out by our experience with him over the eight successive weeks. He examined Scout and discussed his physical therapy. Jeffrey suggested and demonstrated various exercises that Scout could perform at home to rehabilitate his repaired limb and rebuild the muscles surrounding the injury. After our initial conference, Jeffrey introduced Scout to the underwater treadmill. It was immediately obvious that this was a most positive experience for our pup. His strength and conditioning improvement was obvious to us.

  Engaging Jeffrey was the best thing post-op that we could have done for Scout. He has progressed amazingly thanks to Jeffrey’s ministrations and guidance. We intend to continue Scout’s physical therapy with Jeffrey; and we heartily recommend him to any conscientious pet owner concerned about their critter’s rehabilitation.

David & Chrys


  Thank you Jeffery for improving Molly’s quality of life so that we can continue to enjoy our sweet Molly!

  As you know, Molly (lab between 6 and 9 years) was being led through the door to be euthanized at Pima County Animal Control when DLRR rescued her in September 2006. We received a call about her and drove down to meet Molly. She was perfect for us and we adopted her and took her home in spite of some medical issues from previous abuse. She healed quite well and led an active life, even running in the snow for several years. Our veterinarians at Dave and Rick’s Cat and Dog Repair had done wonders keeping Molly going for us. However, her vertebrae injuries worsened this summer and she also developed neuropathy and hip dysplasia and eventually stopped getting up by herself and could only walk a few steps. We were starting to think that Molly’s time with us was coming to a rapid close. Dr. Crisler referred us to you at Canine Physical Rehabilitation Southwest and we are so thankful!

  We were very impressed with your thorough examination and assessment of Molly and the recommended program you laid out for Molly. You were optimistic that Molly’s quality of life could improve with water therapy and home exercises, but you explained all the possible outcomes and realistic expectations.

  Molly showed improvement after one session of laser and water therapy as she was able to get up on her own and walk around the back yard. She has continued to improve with two sessions a week and she now walks up to 12 minutes in the park morning and night and is mobile again around the house and yard. She is feeling good again and is a happy dog, loving life.

  We are so grateful to you for the successes with Molly. We are three months into her therapy and she continues to improve. When she started swimming, she could only do 30 seconds, last week she did 12 minutes! Occasionally Molly is rather stressed to begin her treatment (although it does not hurt) but you are quickly able to calm her. We love the compassion and kisses you share with her that have developed into a nice bond and trusted relationship. Jeffery, you not only care about your patients but also their owners. You listen to our updates on Molly and when needed, modify her therapy accordingly. The true and special interest you have in everyone’s well being certainly shines through loud and clear.

  You have done such wonders with Molly, that we have now started the maintenance program for our other lab, Blanca. It made perfect sense when we discussed health care for dogs. We are not waiting for 10-year old Blanca to develop problems; we are taking your lead and being proactive with several monthly visits. After two sessions, we have already noticed improved stamina with Blanca. We can’t wait to see her in a couple of months.

  Jeffery, we would recommend your services to any pet owner that has a dog in need of therapy or having mobility issues that has not responded to “routine” veterinary treatment. Molly is living proof of what you can do with a disabled dog. We would also recommend a maintenance program as dogs reach senior status so they can have many more wonderful years without afflictions.

Thank you Jeffery for all you do and share!!!

Debbie & Timothy Overton


Dear Mr. Flocker:

  This is to express our sincere appreciation for everything you did for our 13 year old Siberian husky, “Sierra”. We hope that you will add this testimonial to your website, with the hopes of helping other pet owners who feel there is nothing else that can be done to help their pets suffering from pain.

  Sierra suffers from severe degenerative back/spine disease, hip dysplasia, and arthritis. Recently, after a bad bout of pain and limping in her front right leg over several weeks time, she suddenly could not walk at all. She was unstable, could not get up, or stand, or walk on her own. She screamed in pain each time she tried to move her right front leg. It was rigid and she was “knuckling”. The pain was so severe, that her entire body was in spasms and tremors, much like a seizure. Finally she gave up, and just refused to move, eat, or drink. Her team of doctors at First Regional Medical Center were diligent. They did all they could to relieve her pain with a regime of anti-inflammatory and pain medications, hydration therapy, and appetite stimulants. Although, she seemed a bit more comfortable, her condition was not improving, and she still was unstable, in pain, with little mobility. After further investigation, X-rays, and testing, Sierra was diagnosed with a cervical nerve impingement in her neck. This caused the radiating pain down to her right shoulder, and front right leg. The Doctors reported that her back was “severely riddled with disease”. Given her age, severity and advancement of disease, surgery was not an option. That was when the doctors at First Regional   Hospital referred us to you, and with very high recommendations.

  We prayed and my wife cried. We consider Sierra to be a member of our family, a child who never grows old, and love her too much to give up. We had reservations about treatment, because the rehabilitation therapy included aquatics, and Sierra, was afraid of water, after an accidental near drowning as a puppy. She was unable to walk, and had to be carried from the vehicle to her first consultation and treatment. You valiantly took over from there. You evaluated her thoroughly, and began her treatment regime the same day we called due to the urgency of the situation. Her physical response to the treatment was almost immediate, and the results were nothing less than miraculous on two fronts. Somehow on the first day you were able to get her in the water for her first treatment. Not only was she not afraid, but she was so relaxed, that she began falling asleep in yours arms during the therapy. All the while, her limbs, and upper right leg were actually moving through the water, back and forth. We were astounded. She walked to the vehicle on her own after the first session. By the end of the second session, she no longer needed a life jacket in the water and we saw even more improvement. By the third session, she was just dog paddling away on her own, with solid movement. Between each treatment we completed home care exercises designated. You gave us hope, provided instruction and a useful medical device to help her along with getting up to stand, etc. She did not even have a fourth treatment yet. We are thrilled to report that she even ran across the street yesterday (on the leash with me and a green light of course). Her quality of life has improved tremendously. She is mobile, comfortable, playful and happy again. We will be forever grateful for your services and to First Regional Hospital for urging us to consult you. God bless you, your family, and your canine rehabilitation practice.

Sincerely, Sierra’s Dad, - Mesa Arizona



  I just wanted to thank you for the great job you have done with my 6 year- old Golden Retriever, Axl. Even after months of rest and prescription anti-inflamatory meds, he was still limping on his front right leg, and possibly facing surgery on his shoulder. After two months of weekly rehabbing sessions with Jeffrey - Axl is walking pain free!

Thank you!


(Crush Injuries and Nerve Damage)

Dear Jeff,

  I wanted to write you to complement you on your miraculous revival of Milo, our 12 year-old black Labrador. As you remember, on Christmas day, a car hit him crushing his pelvis, contusing his right sciatic nerve and dislocating his left leg. He already had significant hip dysplasia making him limp. After the accident we thought we would have to put him down.

  His veterinary orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lange, did a superb job of putting Milo back together. Milo’s left leg was immobilized in an Ehmer sling and his left leg weakened by the nerve injury. During his convalescence, his weight dropped from 85 to 76 pounds, much of it muscle. It didn’t take a crystal ball to realize he would probably never walk again. We even looked into the carts dogs can strap on when their rear legs don’t work.

  Then Dr. Lange recommended you as a physical therapist for Milo. I figured you must be the best because Dr. Lange’s practice is on the west side and your location is on the east. Anyway, I drove over and pulled Milo, in his abdominal sling, out of my car.

  You might remember how much pain he was in, as well as the trauma from all he had gone through. In no time you had him relaxed while doing things I could not. Your gentleness and patience were fully understood by Milo. Your three times a week therapy schedule included a gradual strengthening program, centered around your pool. Even though he had bandages on, you could help change them and suggest ways to get him his therapy even as he was healing from his injuries.

  I remember the time he took his first steps on his own. He hauled himself up on his own and took several tentative steps. I have to tell you, we were cheering him while half afraid he would fall. Over the next several weeks, his strength improved and the pain receded to the point he could walk on his own. Now, almost 10 months later, Milo is walking around the neighborhood under his own steam and even lifting up his rear leg on occasion to do some watering.

  I know that without you, Milo would never have walked again. For that, Carol and I are deeply grateful. I suspect Milo would thank you if he could, although seeing him get up and pad around the house is probably his way of expressing his gratitude.

  I would not hesitate to recommend you for any dog in need of physical therapy. Milo is walking proof that you can work wonders.


Louis and Carol

(Degenerative Myelopathy)

  Canine Physical Rehabilitation of the Southwest was my last ray of hope in helping my Labrador, Jetson, re-gain strength and maintain her ability to walk and be self-sufficient. Jetson has been diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy and has undergone surgery and several diagnostic procedures. She was weak and growing weaker and   I was very worried about her and how aqua therapy would affect her.

  At the initial visit, Jeffrey was up front with me and didn’t oversell the idea or raise any false expectations on the results we would see from aqua therapy. However, we noticed immediate improvement, and I’m very happy to say the therapy Jetson has received has made a remarkable difference in her strength and overall well-being. I can definitely see a difference in her strength each time she makes a visit to Jeffrey.

  I would highly recommend Jeffrey to anyone whose dog could benefit from aqua therapy. He is honest and professional, and I value and trust his opinion as much, if not more so, than many of the specialists we’ve seen. The benefit Jetson has received is worth more than anything in the world!!


(13 year old Golden/Lab mix who was overweight and had hip and back problems)

  I want to thank you so much Jeffrey for making helping Scotchie make such dramatic changes in her life. When we came to you, she was overweight and unable to walk even short distances or go outside to do her business. With just a few sessions, she began walking again and we were able to cut her dosage of Rimadyl dramatically. She lost 14 lbs as well. I really feel your treatments extended Scotchie’s life an extra year and a half!

  Scotchie and I both thank you for your caring, your compassion and the loving way you treated her.


Baker Rose
(Post Cruciate Ligament Repair)

  Baker was one of those dogs that did not believe she could use her leg again after surgery. She would not even let it touch the ground.
  Nearly two years ago, Baker Rose, my fawn female boxer, experienced a left cranial cruciate ligament rupture. After a successful TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy), the recommended 6-8 week recovery left her leg muscles severely atrophied; she was literally skin and bone on her left rear. The surgeon recommended CANINE PHYSICAL REHABILITATION to me as a means of salvaging some hope for Baker to once again regain effective use of the limb. What we received was nothing short of a miracle thanks to Jeffrey Flocker’s efforts.

  Baker didn’t make things easy for Jeffrey. She is a loving, trusting dog, but she was unconvinced of the need for her to do any work whatsoever in order for her leg to improve. Jeffrey was challenged, therefore, not only by the amount of exercise he knew it would take in order for Baker to get better, but also to win her cooperation in the endeavor. He succeeded wonderfully. I don't know that you could ever describe Baker as a “willing participant” but she loves Jeffrey and she amiably tolerated all that he asked. They swam together. They trotted obstacles. They danced. They worked with a therapy ball. Baker experienced mild electrical stimulation to her lagging left leg. Two to three times per week Baker and I journeyed to Jeffrey’s facility for workouts and for encouragement. The happy ending to this story is that Baker has rejoined her sister in full-time play and boxer activity and it would never have happened without Jeffrey’s perseverance and rapport with my dog. “It’s a dog’s life,” and Baker’s couldn’t be better!

  In short, I am honored to recommend Jeffrey Flocker and CANINE PHYSICAL REHAB without reservation.


(Severe Rear Leg Weakness)

  The physical therapy exercises and pool therapy treatments Jeffrey administered to Dillon, my Irish Wolfhound, have corrected his posture and strengthened his hind legs and shoulders as well.

  It is obvious that Dillon no longer suffers any of the pain related to his condition as he did before your treatments. He feels better, is healthier and more capable of running and using his body with less danger of injury to his ligaments and hips.

  Dillon is a handsome dog. The added strength and posture improvement resulting from your treatments show well on him. Dillion's veterinarian recommended your services to me.

  I have subsequently recommended your program to my friends. Dillon and I are grateful and thank you for your treatments and tender care.



  Saguaro is 6 ½ years old now and has had orthopedic and joint problems since she was a puppy. At 6 months, she was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and had orthopedic surgery to remove the detached anconeal process. She recovered from the surgery, but has had arthritis in that elbow ever since. Saguaro’s hip x-rays at 2 showed one good and one slightly dysplastic hip. When she was 3 ½ she had orthopedic surgery to repair a torn (disconnected) cruciate ligament in one back leg. 4 months later, before this leg could completely heal, she tore the other cruciate ligament and had it repaired. From the time she was almost 4, she limped on 3 of her legs and was in obvious discomfort most of the time.

  She was put on Rimadyl and Cosequin, which managed the pain fairly well until shortly after her 5th birthday when (hip and elbow) arthritis began to limit her activities more and more. Orthopedic evaluations showed no surgical solution for her elbow so Saguaro was brought to Jeffrey Flocker for “alternative” help in May.

  Since her initial evaluation, Saguaro has been seeing Jeffrey almost every week for about 30 minutes. Jeffrey uses massage, myofascial release techniques and acupressure in combination to r3elieve the stiffness in Saguaro’s joints and muscles and extend the range of motion for all of her legs. Saguaro clearly enjoys her sessions with Jeffrey and the effects have significantly improved her quality of life. After 4 or 5 sessions, Saguaro’s rimadyl dose was reduced 25-50% (depending on activities). She has much more stamina and energy for hiking through the woods or playing in the yard, and is obviously happier and more comfortable than she was last year.

  Saguaro thinks she is one of Jeffrey’s miracle dogs and was proud to be the subject of a recent case study. She easily climbs on and off “her” couch and even feels good enough to spar and wrestle with her 1 year old brother and Jeffrey’s giant mastiffs. We have all been very happy with Saguaro’s progress and plan to continue weekly sessions with Jeffrey as long as possible.

Lauri and Frank


  My dog Moso is a Papillon that competes in the highest level of the sport of agility, and the sport demands an absolutely sound dog. In 2002 Moso made the AKC World Team & represented the USA at the World Cup in Germany. This past winter he came up lame several times and had to be totally confined for more than 5 weeks to heal. At that point our first goal was to make him sound so he would not re-injury himself and tone the muscle again for the rigors of the demand on his body in agility. We were not sure if he could even compete again. This is not just a backyard dog that could afford to take 1/2 year or more to recuperate, he needed to be sound and fit in a very tight time schedule to train and be able to campaign in enough shows to be included in the Invitational Agility trial in May which is used to determine who will be on the USA World Team.
  Jeffrey guided Moso through an increasingly rigorous program to strengthen him without further re-injury. This breed normally hates water, but over time in the therapy we have gotten Moso to actually jump into the pool and swim his heart out. I took Moso to his vet recently and he laughed at how well toned he is, he told me we should shave him and put him in a canine body building contest. He has gained more than 10% of body mass in muscle from his pre-injury weight. He is sound, and is back on top of his game.
  I am so impressed with the therapy Jeffrey has helped Moso with that I know I will use it for maintaining Moso's physical condition. The nature of the swimming helps tone all of the muscles of a dog including the smaller weaker ones that can get the most stress and injury in agility. I personally think trainers should seriously consider doing maintenance therapy before an injury and Jeffrey has such terrific skills with dogs and therapy that he can really help in guiding that therapy for a dog.
  Well, thanks to Jeffrey's help we did go to the Invitational in Minneapolis and would have taken 1st place except over 4 very tough courses Moso knocked one bar, but 2nd place will put us on the team again. Thanks Jeffrey, Moso and I will be going to the World Cup in France this year.

Roger Coor
2002 & 2003 AKC World Team Member- Mini Dog

Sir Jesse of Olson Grove

  Jesse has been competing in agility for almost 2 years. He quickly moved up in the ranks of both NADAC and AKC. Once we moved into the Elite competition with NADAC, Jesse was running clean and time was preventing him from the ever sought after "Q". I knew he had it in him but I just didn't know how to get it out of him. Then I met Jeffrey Flocker and he immediately put Jesse on a program to victory. After swim conditioning with Jeffrey, Jesse and I competed at a SCAT trial in California and Jesse beat the judges Elite Standard Course time by 14 seconds and placed 1st out of 35 dogs. Jesse also beat the Elite Jumpers time by 3 seconds and placed 7th. You can bet that Jesse and   Jeffrey will become very good friends as we prepare for our goal.....NATCH in 2003/2004!
Thank you Jeffrey for all of your help and encouragement!
Kimberly and Jess


  We were first introduced to Jeffrey in early summer 2002. Luna, our newest show whippet had developed a loose “floppy” movement in her rear. The specialists determined that this issue, while unsightly, was not a structural issue. Our hope was that she would grow out of it. To give her every chance of doing so, we were advised to seek the help of Canine Physical Rehabilitation of the Southwest.
From the very beginning, Jeffrey was honest and upfront with us. He did not try to say that aqua therapy would solve Luna’s movement problem, but he knew it couldn’t hurt. At 6 months of age, we needed exercise that would allow her to mature naturally and not damage her young joints or frame. Aqua therapy fit the ticket.

  Making a sight hound swim was something of a challenge, but with imagination and creativity Jeff made physical therapy a fun and exciting activity for her. Her weekly sessions turned into her favorite pastime- who would have thought… water coursing!!!

  Well, it didn’t take long before we noticed that Luna’s movement was improving. Seeing the improved show and performance condition of Luna, We quickly requested aqua therapy for the other two whippets and even Willie, the new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!

  Happily, I can say that Luna’s movement no longer shows signs of weakness. Showing dogs is a gamble. But, the one thing we can always count on is that our dogs are in top physical condition.

  Both in the ring and on the coursing field, the athleticism of my whippets never fails to attract attention.

Thank you Jeffrey!!! - Tabitha Doyle and Melanie Williams


  I am writing to recommend Jeffrey Flocker. I have known Jeffrey through personal and professional association for 3 years.

  Mr. Flocker is an accomplished physical therapist. He has a Masters Degree in PT and has successfully treated both human and animal clients for many years.

  Working on a professional level with Jeffrey, I have seen his ability to relate with empathy to the animals in his care. He has the knowledge and skill to assist in the rehabilitation of the dogs and cats, which I have referred to him. His expertise especially in manipulation of appendages has resulted in the animals having a longer and more fulfilling quality of life. In many instances these animals would have had amputations or in the extreme, euthanasia.

  Mr. Flocker has been a client of our hospital as well. He is an excellent example of a caring and concerned pet owner.

  I would recommend Jeffrey Flocker without reservation.

Tammy S. Helzer, DVM

Mato is a young Tibetan Mastiff who had hip surgery.

His other hip has dysplasia.

National Enquirer article